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The yellow is gone from the well-trod leaves.
Now they're gray ghosts in black mud,
waiting for white snow.

Even the sky is an empty blue,
as if it's saving a seat on a crowded bus,
looking over his infinite shoulder
for the tempestuous woman he's waiting for.  
I have asthma
so breathing sometimes feels like grabbing ghosts
and trying to pull them through mist.

It makes me deliberate
because each pull of cold air
is deliberate.

It slows me down.
It makes me aware.

I stare around at the world--
gray skies,
yellow leaves,
a muddy river--
and I wonder at the wind,
how I can feel the world breathing.
the spider's web
hangs between a green leaf
and a gold one
Haiku 50: for the 2014 Second Spring Contest
Form: Haiku
Region: North America
Season: Definitely autumn here
Kigo Category: Plants
Kigo: The reference to the gold leaf

I live right next to one of the few wet lands in my desert area. It's covered in cottonwood trees whose leaves all go from green to bright golden yellow every autumn. Sometimes it seems like they change overnight.

This is an entry for the 2014 Second Spring Contest hosted by the Haiku Club. And you should read all about it and then enter yourself! I would love to read a hundred or so entries, so get cracking!
Vase And Flowers by zippip
Vase And Flowers
Dedicated with all my admiration to V. W. G.

I'm not trained as an artist (in case that wasn't obvious), but I am thoroughly enjoying playing around with my digital paint programs. You want to know why? People, you can EDIT art. You can PERFECT it before calling it done.

Oh, baby, this is my medium.
The small field is nestled
near the unstirring wetland,
between the fading trees.
All but the thin, black path of mud
is covered with the ghosts of reeds.
Delicate gray leaves curl away from the sun,
shrinking up against the brittle stalks
they're barely holding onto,
looking for shelter from the light.

The whole field rattles softly
when a breeze slips by the empty branches -
          one ghost rattling against another.

Gripped by roots and black mud
there are seeds
restraining bright yellow,
            fresh green.
they will split
the life-death rift.
The Field of Ghosts and Potential
Iiiiiiiiit's autumn! And I'm not in the middle of some crazy novel. You know what that means?


Ah. I love this time of year.


United States
Current Residence: Taylorsville, UT
Favourite genre of music: Modern Classical, Alternative
Favourite style of art: Bright!
Favourite cartoon character: Creepie Creecher
Personal Quote: Life isn't about perfection--it's about practice.
"A haiku is not just a pretty picture in three lines of 5-7-5 syllables each. In fact, most haiku in English are not written in 5-7-5 syllables at all--many are not even written in three lines. What distinguishes a haiku is concision, perception and awareness--not a set number of syllables. A haiku is a short poem recording the essence of a moment keenly perceived in which Nature is linked to human nature. . . The poem is refined into a touchstone of suggestiveness. In the mind of an aware reader it opens again into an image that is immediate and palpable, and pulsing with that delight of the senses that carries a conviction of one's unity with all of existence. "

-Cor Van Den Heuvel, 1987
The New York Times Book Review

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