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When you're standing on a mountain,
you can turn and see the world rolling out like waves of earth.
The sun dunks the wildflowers in light,
and when the wind shoves, they sway only a little.
There are streams that mumble down slopes and under small drooping bridges.
Everything's so big around you.
The ground is endless when there are no walls,
and the sky is vast enough to hold it.

Is it any wonder we like maps?
We can pull out a little piece of paper
and suddenly enormity makes sense.
and we can feel
like we know
where we are
in it.
And I'd really like to get my hands on whichever cartographer lost the map to the REST of my life. That would have come in handy.
I'll leave this here.
A note of the poem unwritten
because what I had to say
was too raw
and left trails of blood on the page.

I hope to come back someday,
when things have scarred over—
blood may be too much,
but there is no truth
you shouldn't say.
the raccoon
scales the garbage can
to moongaze
Haiku 51
Gosh! A haiku! Haven't done one of those in a while.
The window blinds have sliced the world outside,
cracked it into long strips of interrupted light and lines.
It feels even further away now.

They say that I stay inside too much.
I can't argue; I agree.
But when pain is the companion you drink your morning coffee with,
the one to whom you pass the crossword puzzle,
and you don't bother talking
because you've lived together too long
and a mumbled "good morning," is all you need—
well, I don't get out enough.
But at least I can understand why.

Sometimes those horizontal slats
feel just like iron bars.

But above the howl of my AC,
the grumble of my fridge,
the monotony of my clock,
I can hear the bird chatter.
A series of bright notes
that reach me, unbroken.
We lose something
when we lose someone.
We're not people—
we're a hive of humans
and we can feel the humming
of the hundreds around us.
We shiver
when a silence passes.

We need each other,
like food and water.
We need the touch and tumble of others
to make us ourselves.
We shudder when the motion stops
even for a moment.

There is an almost un-nameable,
but utterly absolute something
we miss so much
when someone's missing.
There's a hollow in the universe
where not even a wind is allowed to walk—
it's where someone was supposed to be
but they're not.


United States
Current Residence: Taylorsville, UT
Favourite genre of music: Modern Classical, Alternative
Favourite style of art: Bright!
Favourite cartoon character: Creepie Creecher
Personal Quote: Life isn't about perfection--it's about practice.
"A haiku is not just a pretty picture in three lines of 5-7-5 syllables each. In fact, most haiku in English are not written in 5-7-5 syllables at all--many are not even written in three lines. What distinguishes a haiku is concision, perception and awareness--not a set number of syllables. A haiku is a short poem recording the essence of a moment keenly perceived in which Nature is linked to human nature. . . The poem is refined into a touchstone of suggestiveness. In the mind of an aware reader it opens again into an image that is immediate and palpable, and pulsing with that delight of the senses that carries a conviction of one's unity with all of existence. "

-Cor Van Den Heuvel, 1987
The New York Times Book Review

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